Nossa História

Move sua ideia. Mova seu negócio. Move você.
Há mais de 10 anos que os Territórios impulsionam empreendedores locais com propostas de valor únicas – únicas como cada pessoa e únicas como cada ideia. Temos incubadoras em locais também eles únicos: seja numa escola do Antigo Regime, dentro de um autódromo ou num mercado agroalimentar. Gostamos de “projetos chave na mão”: desenvolvemos projetos na íntegra para que no final só tenha de abrir a porta.

Horas de Trabalho

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What we do

As a consultancy company specialized in Entrepreneurship and Strategy, we provide differentiated services that allow territories to promote and support the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and increase their competitiveness.

Service Design for Entrepreneurship

For more than 10 years, we have been driving local entrepreneurs with unique value propositions– unique as each person and unique as each idea. We design and create business incubators in also unique locations: a school from “Antigo Regime”, inside a race track or inside an abandoned olive oil factory. We like to deliver turnkey projects: we develop projects as a whole so that in the end you just have to open the door.

Why us?

  • We are a dynamic team, highly qualified, moved by passion and willing to make things happen;


  • We invest in people and in their empowerment;


  • We give constant support and deliver “turnkey” projects;


  • We are professionals in the support, management and dynamization of business incubators and entrepreneurship programs in national and international territories;


  • We know, in detail, all the entrepreneur ecosystems;


  • We have an established network of national and international partners.

Entrepreneurship Programs and Bootcamps

We build programs and bootcamps to support Entrepreneurship, bringing together entrepreneurs, partners, mentors and territories around the potential of each project. We design programs for the most varied sectors, such as Tourism, Gastronomy and Endogenous Products, Social and Solidarity Economy, Agri-food, Sustainability, Networking, Creative and Graphic Industries, among others.

Ideations Programs

Ideation programs’ mission is to provide entrepreneurs with concepts and tools that will allow them to get their idea off the ground, going through the phases of identifying the problem, identifying the solution and validating it.

Acceleration Programs

Acceleration programs aim to support entrepreneurs to test and validate their business model and take their project to the next level, working on the value creation cycle and the key concepts of creating a business.

Open Innovation Programs

In open innovation programs, a “link” is established between large companies (which internally identify a challenge/opportunity to innovate) and startups (which develop solutions “tailored” to the company’s needs).


With the main objective of promoting synergies between the business community, entrepreneurs and the community in general, we organize thematic conferences, according to trends and the context of the territory in which they are promoted. These conferences not only feature renowned speakers at regional, national and/or international level, but also local testimonies. These conferences are intended to be an opportunity to enhance innovation and competitiveness, through the sharing of different experiences and knowledge, expand horizons, expand the network of contacts and, above all, enhance and dynamize the region.

Youth Entrepreneurship

StartIUPI is a methodology that seeks to boost entrepreneurial skills development programs for children and young people. This methodology focuses on the premise that entrepreneurship is a positive attitude towards life that can be developed from an early age, believing that entrepreneurial children will be happier adults with more opportunities to choose.

Program, for children aged 4 and over, aimed at developing the personal and social skills of its participants, through fun and effective educational dynamics and games.

Entrepreneurship program, for children aged 6 and over, where participants experience the cycle of value creation in a dynamic, fun way. As a team, children and young people create their own company, produce products, assign a price, create promotion strategies and finally sell their products in the market we call the square.

Programs aimed at families, carried out in pairs. Children, accompanied by a family member, can participate from the age of 4. We develop participants’ personal and social skills and promote communication. We strengthen the relationship and enhance affection within the family.

Academy for children and young people with a focus on entrepreneurship. During the programs, children and young people create projects based on the value creation cycle, and develop entrepreneurial skills while having fun.

Corporate Trainiing

The entrepreneurial spirit travels with us in every field, specifically to the corporate training. We seek to energize and motivate the employees, give tools to increase productivity and open the spectrum of knowledge. Our goal is to create institutional entrepreneurs.

Training Academies

Our training programs are focused on the real and specific needs of each organization. In them, we apply the knowledge acquired in the management of incubators and in the dynamization of entrepreneurship programs.

Consultancy to Training Departments

Why should we keep it a secret? We share all our know-how with the companies we support. In the construction and development of their training departments, our goal is to allow employees to grow professionally and, by extension, grow their companies.