Nossa História

Move sua ideia. Mova seu negócio. Move você.
Há mais de 10 anos que os Territórios impulsionam empreendedores locais com propostas de valor únicas – únicas como cada pessoa e únicas como cada ideia. Temos incubadoras em locais também eles únicos: seja numa escola do Antigo Regime, dentro de um autódromo ou num mercado agroalimentar. Gostamos de “projetos chave na mão”: desenvolvemos projetos na íntegra para que no final só tenha de abrir a porta.

Horas de Trabalho

Monday - Friday 09:00AM-17:00PM
Saturday - Sunday FECHADOS


We are Territórios Criativos, a consultancy and training company specializing in Entrepreneurship and Strategy. What moves us? Passion for what we do, dynamism and desire to make a difference. We move more than 18.635 entrepreneurial spirits, in more than 130 territories in Portugal and abroad.


We find the entrepreneur within each organization and we outline strategies to enhance their potential.


We train several audiences through training and entrepreneurship programs: from children to young people, adults, entrepreneurs, companies, municipalities, etc.

Management Support

We do business consulting and we're process' facilitators. Instead of ``implementing organizational and business methods``, we create action structures and ways to manage them.


We cultivate innovation in our company and keep it in every project, throughout the country, and in all areas of operation.

We transform territories through Entrepreneurship. How? Through specialized services, “tailored” to the needs of each territory and each project.

And we are never alone! We are always accompanied by:


We believe that inspired and capable people transform territories and organizations.


Empower people and challenge organizations to transform the territories.


Consciousness; Authenticity; Transformation

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 4. Quality Education

  • Increased knowledge and awareness of current issues and sustainability, through StartIUPI and Startup Academy programs, youth entrepreneurship programs;
    Programs for entrepreneurs that contribute to training people and disseminating knowledge.

SDG 5. Gender Equality

  • Full and effective participation of women and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making, within the scope of project management and coordination;
  • Promotion of female entrepreneurship;
  • Integration of women in programs promoted by Territórios Criativos, as mentors, consultants, judges, trainers and speakers.

SDG 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • Support in the creation and development of new companies/business ideas, through ideation and acceleration programs and training of entrepreneurs;
  • Encouragement of sustainable tourism, promoting the purchase of local products.

SDG 16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

  • Development of effective, responsible and transparent companies and startups at all levels;
  • Responsible, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels by companies and startups;
  • Promotion and compliance with non-discriminatory laws and policies for sustainable development;
  • Implement best governance practices (Ex: Advisory Board).